Popular Q&A For Selling at Netherhampton Salerooms

What days do I bring my items in?

(For specialist sales please see individual instructions.)

Mondays or Wednesdays 9.30am-4.30pm.

(We do not close for lunch.)


What do we not take?

  • Electrical Items that do not possess a PAT (portable appliance test) certificate issued on our premises by the Netherhampton Salerooms independent examiner..
  • Soft furnishings with a foam content, that do not carry a fire safety label to comply with 1988 regulations or later.
  • Items that are broken or soiled.

If you are not sure whether something is worth bringing in send us an email with clear photos attached to carrie.sca@btconnect.com we will email back with our recommendations.


Where are we?

Netherhampton, Salisbury, SP2 8RH, in-between the garden centre (Wyevale Garden Centre) and In Excess, the same place as Salisbury Livestock Market.


Where do I go when I get there?

Follow the signs around to the back of the building there you will find the double doors to the saleroom, please do not park in front of the double doors.


What are you commission rates and charges?

Please read our terms and conditions for our full listings as commission rates and charges vary between sales.



How do I bring my items in?

The easiest way is to pack the items as you would like them sold in boxes, wrapped safely for travelling.

Make a list of items so you can tick them off as you list them on the entry forms/ unpack them to ensure you have included everything.


I need assistance getting to auction!

If you are unable to bring the items into us for whatever reason we have the following options for you to consider;

 1) I need a removal service/man with a van:

We recommend Bill Brentford 0774 8317412, speak directly to Bill for appointments and charges. Please provide Bill with an itinerary and your full contact details to be given to our saleroom.

Ensure you have a copy of what has been removed from your premises.

 2) I need full house clearance services:

Please call our offices for written valuations or home visits if required prior to full house clearances 01722 342045.


I would like some idea of value prior to sale?

We can provide verbal estimates which allow you to set a reserve when entering the items into the sale.

  • This can be done when you are here entering items into a sale, or if a second opinion is required we will store the items and consult you on the value prior to entering them into the sale.
  • You can send an email with clear photos attached to carrie.sca@btconnect.com we will email back with our recommendations.
  • Or to book an appointment to see our valuer call Richard Petty 07891388660 


Full Valuation Services.

Our auction house provides excellent valuation services.

We can assist with documents required by solicitors or insurers. To book an appointment for a written valuation and home visit please call 01722 321215 and speak to Carrie Tanner or email carrie.sca@btconnect.com.


I would like to set a reserve, how do I do this?

Discuss your ideas on reserves with us, we will list them on your entry form and if required we will consult our valuer for his thoughts on estimates. We are here to advise and will help you set a realistic reserve. (As normal procedure we recommend that the reserve is subject to an ‘Auctioneers Discretion’ of 10% to allow a little leeway to secure a sale.)


Do I have to attend the auction?

No once you have delivered your items to our saleroom we are happy to follow your instructions on your behalf.

Payment is made via a cheque after the sale, different sales carry different time scales for payment. (See terms and conditions.)


What happens if my items do not sell?

The Auctioneers reserve the right to charge for storage if any lot(s) has not been collected after a reasonable amount of time without prior arrangement. If after 28 days from the sale date the lot(s) has not been collected the Auctioneers reserve the right to resell the lot.

We recommend you call to check whether all your items have sold and discuss your sale results, the Monday following the sale.


If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call 01722 321215,

01722 321215 or email us your enquiry carrie.sca@btconnect.com